Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Thought I might as well send some photos of today’s Memorial Day parade here in Downtown Pottsville. It was more or less the same as the two previous years with the Veterans of course, the college bands, the Winter Beauty Queen and we mustn’t forget the fire trucks must we!

It was a perfect day, not humid and around 83F with brilliant sunshine, there were a lot more people then previous years and after the parade there was the memorial part of the ceremonies where the names of Pottsville residents who died in all wars was read out. This included casualties of the Civil War, 150 years ago right up to Iraq and Afghanistan. Last night there was a most impressive Memorial concert from Washington, yes here they recognise the Veterans to a far greater extent then in the UK.

Anyway, it’s back to normal tomorrow, I’m not to clear as to when the next holiday weekend will be, but it can’t be too long as there are far more of them over here

Until next time,

Henry Dallimore

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